Shellyn's Pembroke Welsh Corgis
I raised and shown Collies for 13 years before returning to my true love horses. After much thought about
purchasing a smaller breed with less hair we bought our first Corgi "Willow." From there a new obsession
started. Corgis are easy to live with, easy to train. The big bonus is their easy to take along in the horse trailer
or truck! The size and personality makes them perfect for horse people on the road. We trail ride 5 months of
the year and will never been seen with less that two corgis under foot!
We raise occasional litters.

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Do the shed?
Yes, they are a double coated breed they will grow a heavy undercoat that does shed out a couple times a year.
Neutering and spaying will cut down on the shedding. A Corgi does tend to loose hair when they are nervous, like
on a car ride. Grooming with a high velocity dryer helps get the hair out quick.

Are they good with kids?
Yes, they're wonderful with children. When our Willow went camping she could spot a kids a mile away and then
has no interest in us at all. However they are herding dogs, they have been known to grab pants and sleeves of a
active running kid. They should not be teased or encouraged to grab clothes. This can take little training during
the puppy stage.

Are they easy to house break?
As with all breeds the progression of house breaking is dependant on the method of training. I recommend crate
training and a close eye on the puppy at all times while loose in the house.  Corgis are smart and quick learners
and should be fully trained by 4 months old.

Do they eat a lot?
They will if you let them, they will over eat. They have a tendency to be overweight and after the first year
their food intake and exercise should be monitored. Most are not super active a couple walks a day or time in
the yard. They like to play, when you are done they will be happy to just sit with you and watch a movie.

Health problems?
We have been lucky so far to not have any health problems. There are some health issues as with any breed, but
we are avoiding that at any cost. Regular vet exams, shots and heart worm preventative is a must. Our breeding
dogs are tested for Hip Dysplasia and are DNA tested for DM and eyes are certified clear from any defects.

Good with other animals?
Ours do not show much interest in livestock, their time at the barn is spent looking for the kitties but they
don't harm them when they find any. They also can stand their ground with other breeds of dogs, you may run
into a aggressive Corgi here and there with other dogs. Seams like they have a short-man's complex. Ours get
along well with other dogs for the most part, they have been socialized quite a bit too.  I avoid placing two males
and two female corgis together in one home. Male/female combinations work well and they are wonderful
companions for other breeds of dogs. Ours love labs!

Any more questions? Feel free to e-mail me, we strive for each Corgi to go into a well prepared home.
Common questions about owning a Corgi:
Shellyns Sweet Madeline (Maddie)
Shellyn's Toby Keith "Toby"
Stud fee $500.00
OFA Good* VWD Clear by Parentage * DNA tested* DM A/N
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